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ERP Industry Specific Solutions

Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP is uniquely positioned to serve companies in nearly any industry, geography, and of any size, from small to large and growing organizations. 

The unique underlying architecture of JD Edwards software enables Oracle to provide just the right amount of ERP capabilities without overwhelming complexity.

Oracle's  JD Edward's deep industry functionality, based on over 30 years of experience,  really sets Oracle JD Edwards ERP apart from the competition.

As well as covering the core General Business processes that just about all customers need to run, such as Order to Cash and Supply Chain Management, Oracle JD Edwards offers comprehensive industry solutions.

JD Edwards ERP focuses primarily on four major areas:


Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors in the consumer goods industry face unprecedented pressure to provide a greater variety and quality of products, simplify complex supply chains, and compete with the price pressures imposed by retail consolidation.

In addition, higher transportation costs and a sluggish economy demand greater control and visibility of product profitability, while product safety and contamination concerns have increased the need to improve traceability.

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Consumer Goods provides a suite of powerful and comprehensive solutions specifically tailored to help overcome these fundamental business challenges, improve efficiency and profitability, and simplify compliance for consumer goods manufacturers.

Redfaire has extensive experience implementing Oracle JD Edwards for Food & Beverage Companies and Fashion & Apparel Companies.

Resource: Oracle ebook on Solving the Challenges in the Consumer Goods Industry with Oracle JD Edwards


Manufacturing & Distribution

As customers demand ever greater levels of product customization, manufacturers must be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Production lines designed for a single product must be adapted to meet the needs of multiple products, and traditional methods of supply chain management must be transformed to cope with ever shorter product lifecycles.

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing helps manufacturers and distributors in all industries to meet these demand driven, changing needs, accelerating time to market, reducing cost, and increasing competitive edge

Oracle’s sub-industry ERP Solutions

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne includes tailored features and functionality, designed to meet the needs of a number of manufacturing and distribution sub-industries including: 

  • Paper and Packaging
  • Chemical
  • Automotive

Resource: Oracle ebook on Solving the Challenges in Manufacturing & Distribution with Oracle JD Edwards

Projects & Services

Today’s complex and sophisticated contracts make managing projects more challenging than ever. Now, Oracle delivers software created specifically to help you manage contracts for complex engineering, construction, and service-related

Learn about our industry-specific solutions for :


Asset Intensive Industries

Businesses in asset-intensive industries face common business challenges from maintaining large, expensive assets to optimizing complex supply chains to mitigate the negative impact on profitability.

As industry demands increase for more robust and efficient data management capabilities, Oracle’s JD Edwards has a proven solution that enables you to proactively enhance production and extend field life while adhering to strict regulatory requirements and minimizing health and safety risks. 

Resource: Oracle ebook on Oracle JD Edwards for Asset Intensive Industries 

To learn how Oracle JD Edwards ERP can help your business and to learn more about particular modules, visit the Oracle JD Edwards resource page.

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