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BI Cloud Service for JDE

Turn your JD Edwards Data into Insights with Oracle BI Cloud Services

How do you turn data into insights? Does your organization provide you with data visualization tools? Are they easy to use and available in the cloud or on your mobile device? How do you analyze performance and make decisions?

If you are still stuck using spreadsheets or are dependent on getting the IT team involved to tweak your ERP reports, then it’s time you looked at Oracle BI Cloud Services for JD Edwards ERP.

With Oracle BI Cloud Services for JD Edwards ERP, you’ll get all the agility and power of Oracle BI Cloud and you’ll be able to get it quickly because, thanks to our pre-built BI Cloud JD Edwards Connector, you can start turning ERP Data into insights quickly and easily.

Benefits of Oracle BI Cloud Services

Oracle BI Cloud Services helps you to answer important questions about what is driving your business and helps you to quickly and easily share your insights. 
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Features include:


World Class BI World Class BI
  • A best-in-class analytics platform offering you the full array of intuitive BI tools you expect
  • Advanced Analysis and Visualizations: Select interactive visualizations and easily create advanced calculations to reveal the insights in your data
  • Interactive Dashboards: Configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system
Mobile and Secure Mobile & Secure – Analysis on the go and easy, secure collaboration
  • Every BI app is immediately available on any device, without any extra work
  • Secure Collaboration: Share work in progress or completed analytics, securely, on any device
  • Easy to Use: Drag and drop functionality with an intuitive UI and no need to involve IT.
Low Cost Low Risk Low Cost & Low Risk

Oracle Cloud solutions get you the resources you need for a low cost, and with low risk. You can grow as you go, which makes it easy to manage your budget and show your return on investment.

Oracle Cloud Oracle BI Cloud an “out-of-the-box” Solution for JD Edwards ERP

We have created an out-of-the-box, fully integrated, BI Cloud solution for Oracle JD Edwards. Thanks to our pre-built templates you can get up and running quickly and because you don’t have to worry about basic technical integration issues, you have more time to think about what strategic dashboards you need.

We have built the ETL (Extract Transformation Load) for JD Edwards and have already done the Data Modeling. The “Facts”, “Dimensions” and “Views” are designed in a way that meaningful information from JD Edwards is available for all reporting, analysis, and dashboards.

Our BI Cloud Solution for JD Edwards includes:

  • Seamless integration with JDE modules (GL, AR, AP, Sales, Revenue, Forecasting, Procurement, Inventory, and Manufacturing)
  • Star Schemas 
  • Generic Dimensions (Time, Product, Company, etc.)
  • Hierarchies 
  • Base and derived facts (Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Margin)
  • Data is pulled out of JD Edwards (on-premise or hosted) and stored in a data warehouse in the Cloud

Dashboards & Analyses with Oracle BI Cloud Services

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